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for the 10k subs I reckon something mega fun:
Some club classic from the 90’s playing in the background whilst you have a split screen with:
on the left wild swarm building up on a 10 euro stake with 5k in the balance, this will build the tension and excitement and on the right:

a wheel spinning with 10 games on that have been big bonus picks from viewers in the past (you could even mention who suggested that win if you know) and then you spin it and play them on a big stake of 10 euros with 5k in that balance aswell, and play them until they’ve each had a bonus!

Hopefully exciting spicy meatball wins on those games with some party music and everyone has a drink at the same time!

Here’s to big wins 😀 😀

p.s I’m the world of Barney on youtube. Good luck!