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    Ideas for 10k Sub Special…

    No nudity


    My suggestion for the 10k special is for 10 grinding games to get the Bonus like Wild Swarm , Royal Mint ,Holy Diver, Lil Devil Monopoly Megaways and 5 more lol

    Hey Mo

    My suggestion for the 10k special

    Slot Battle Between Will and 2jags , Live Together on Stream , Trying to Get the Bonuses of the Top 10 Slot Games Voted on By the Hideous Slots Community in a Poll.


    Viewers slot suggestion bonus hunt so like Sunday streams but use the suggestion to do a bonus hunt


    Maybe pick the 10 most popular slots and put 10,000 (Euros now) through each… 😀


    10Spins vauled at £10 each on lots of different randomly selected games


    How about a website members competition, where 10 people picked at random advance. Then each pick 5 slots (played at min stake to keep the cost down) in a live bonus battle, slots played by hideous but with the challenger linked on screen also so people can see their reaction, whoever gets the highest return total wins a £5 stake heart stopper bonus on lil devil.



    So what I thought you could do was a live stream with a give away included.
    Start a forum thread, get people to suggest 5 of their favourite slots. Leave it open for a week.
    Have a random wheel with the numbers of forum entries (e.g. 1- 250).
    Spin the wheel and then pick 1 of their 5 game choices, could have a second wheel to determine it at random.
    Play the game until you have a bonus. Once you have a bonus on that slot, have a prize giveaway (amazon voucher for example) for a win over a certain X. For example – 50x = £25 100x = £50 and 200x and above £100. Not sure how much you guys want to give away or what you budget is with regards to a giveaway, those were just an idea.

    I am sure whatever you do will be great!

    Claire 🙂


    I think 10 slots choose by the mods v 10 slots choose by will/2jags then end with a wild swam/lil devil

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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