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    Don’t like your monster? Not enough tentacles on that bad boy? (looking at you Mr Youtooba).

    OK so I have functionality for custom avatars through Gravatar. I am going to stick with this for the time being because despite it not being perfect, it does allow people to change their avatars without me needing to constantly remove pictures of bums and willys.

    Just create an account over there using the same email that you signed up with when registering here. It should be relatively straightforward but of anyone needs any technical help then reply here and I’ll do my best to help 😊

    Depending on how this works out I may move the whole avatar thing here. But it’s going to be largely dependent on how active the forum is. So keep posting weird shit 😂



    My monster is a bit of a div to be fair. But I don’t wish to create an account there. You should just embed the feature here, when possible.


    I can update them manually at the moment too. I will take the time to bring it into people’s profiles as soon as I get time 😊


    Maybe the monster could breath bank notes…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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