Hideous plays. we pay and split

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Would you pay for a cut

We pay to be part of the stream.we split any winnings on a bonus hunt with the money

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    I think it would be a great watch if you picked say 10 folk or maybe more.for 10 viewers say we pay £50 each and you play the game’s we choose doing a £500 veiwer bonus hunt once a month as an extra stream.any winnings are split between the people who played.you can only take part once or atleast until everyone has had the chance to take part.if you wanted to make sure of the ages all we would need to do is prove our age by any means you think are acceptable. Personally I think this would be a brilliant stream and havent seen it done by anyone else.i know inwould be gripped by this what does everyone else think


    Ingy 77.As a streamer doing this would break lots of rules.As
    someone on Gamban who are addicted to gambling may try to take part.The gambling commission would shut Wills channel down.


    Hi Pat thanks for clearing that up.it makes total sense.them things never even crossed my mind.that puts that idea to bed lol.


    Yes guys I’m afraid it’s been suggested already, and although I’ve seen some other channels do it – I’m afraid I can’t take the risk as far as compliance is concerned.

    Also whilst I’m very laid back and relaxed whilst playing with mine and 2Jags cash, it would be really stressful gambling with your money! Maybe we would save it for a Meetup. That’s definitely the next thing we have planned 😊


    Yeah that’s a good call mate.and yes once cleared up I understand.lets try and get a poker game up

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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