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    Maria Poole

    Thank you for your amazing streams and entertainment!!! The luck is on your side let’s hope it stays 🤞🏻😊

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    Oh that’s so sweet of you Maria! Thank you so much. I’m afraid I’ve had to take most of Monday off in pain… But it’s probably karma for all these huge wins. Primal hit was unbelievable 😊

    What a great pick!

    Lenny Brooks

    That primal hit was a once in a lifetime, two spins over 2 grand each on the dam bonus , which you got on the second spin of playing the slot

    That doesn’t happen often at all, it’s the dream bonus, your shouting probably didn’t help the tooth pain, don’t think you cared at the time 😂


    The streams are great. I am loving how reliable you are (unlike some streamers!) and you’re funny, not just a whinging, moaning northerner! Keep it up Will and I won’t even mind not winning the competition too much 😂


    Love watching your live streams sadly working away from home as a lorry driver I don’t get chance to watch every stream


    Thanks guys! What lovely compliments. The streams are only good because of the community. Without that I’d just be some crazy bastard talking to himself!

    Paul Duffy

    Great videos on you tube. Always watching from here in Thailand. Sorry can’t watch live bcos of time difference. Good luck to you both and keep them videos coming.Any chance for a hello to my Thai wife Aporn Duffy. Thanks

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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