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    Derek M

    Will, my favourite day of the week is now Sunday thanks to you! I love how you play all of our requests to please your fans. You really know how to turn us on (wink, wink). We end up with a wide variety of popular games and lesser known ones, which is awesome. But I have a suggestion I hope people will agree with: Stop leaving games that are paying hot!!! I know you feel the need to get through all 50 or so games that have been submitted, but I speak for all your fans when I say we LOVE to see you win big. And we are willing to see our own suggestions slightly delayed if it means seeing you win big! Last Sunday I nearly screamed when you left that red hot FU something Megaways. I promise I am being sincere when I say this: if my suggestion has to be put on hold for a little while so I can watch you rake in the cash on a hot game, I’m fine with that! For the sake of me not having an anger induced heartattack, please please please stick to a hot game on Sunday when you find one!


    Can you try breakaway deluxe please , love your streams keep it up xxx


    Can you give Sweet bonanza another bash Hiddy



    went out of control for me on a 0.40cent nzd stake after a 100,00 deposit which i got from winning your yeti giveaway at hideous slots

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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