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    Yes, I’m not winning enough!!!!

    I’ve heard that before, and experienced it many times too. Online slots is certainly a fun pastime, and it really is best to keep it that way. After spending most of my life gambling, I’ve experienced much of the roller coaster that gambling has to offer. You’re OK as long as you have set, and keep to realistic limits for yourself, and don’t allow yourself to become derailed.

    If you are experiencing problems, please do check out Gamcare and Gamban which can both be found in the help section of They really are both worth using if your gambling is getting out of control. If you’d like to contact me to chat about issues and how you can get help, please do, either here, on Twitch (2jags), or email me at I won’t be able to give or loan money, but I will be able to offer advice and support.


    I have no problem with gambling. The wife spends my wages on important things like shoes and expensive hand bags.Joking apart well done for highlighting possible gambling problems.Hope everyone takes your advice on addressing problem gambling seriously.


    I went through a phase of winning, then spending the profit on ridiculous stakes.
    It’s so easy to do.
    I’ve learnt since then. And i wouldnt spend anymore than 50 a week now.


    In my opinion, it’s all about recognising if and when gambling gets out of control. If my gambling stops me doing things I want to do, both financially and time-wise, I’ve learnt that it’s time to take action. Everyone should find their own limits, and I commend anyone who has taken appropriate steps when necessary.


    I watch your channel and other streamers and find I don’t want to gamble… Before I found these channels, I would gamble to pass the time and lose money I couldn’t afford. But I have signed up to gam ban as well so if I ever had the urge again I have it covered. Watching the good streamers has helped me and many others I hope. Keep up the great entertainment and keep promoting the help available, It’s definitely helped myself.


    A good thing to keep in mind when playing is that if you deposited 50 and won 500, it does not makes sense to spend more than 50 of that win to see if it happens again. Get into the habit of withdrawing everything but your initial deposit, and it will just become an expectation your mind has. Most bonuses barely crack 50x, so if you get 100x+ expect that to be your only 100x for the night, and withdraw that win!


    That’s great to hear you’ve got your gambling in check Samski, and that should you ever feel the urge to gamble, you’ve already put measures in to place. Quite a few people who have been gambling more than they can afford seem to find watching streamers helps. And Kawaii, that seems like a good and sensible approach.


    Good topic, and maybe my story can help some people to dont get in the same situation as me right now.

    My life is far from easy (offcourse other people have their own story, and good and bad things.) When my parents died, long time ago, i started to gamble more. I gambled already, but then it was for me a way to get out of reality. And I gamble now for decades, the only period that I did not gamble and didnt have any need to it, was when I was living with my ex girlfriend.

    I also moved to a lot of countries, but the gambling was still going on. And due the gambling I lost not only money, after the funeral I broke with my family (because private reasons), but due gambling i also lost my social life. All the money went after paying the bills and food to gambling, so beside working every day,there was no money to do nice things with colleagues or friends. So my world gets small and lonely.

    And this month I did the most stupid thing ever, normally i stop when i have only money left too buy food and drink, but due again a lot of bad things happening, I gambled more then I can spend, and have to wait till my salary (that will comes in in 2 weeks) to buy food and drink again. But this is the darkest period of my life.

    I did it myself, so i can not blame anyone, but thrust me, nobody wants to be in this situaton, so that is why i am writing this, please for all the people that loves gambling, dont be a fool like me, only spend what you can effort, or even better dont do it all, and watch the streams (and hope the streamer will win). But also the streamers lose money, dont get blind of the big winst, these guys also will lose in most cases.

    Anyway, i wanted sort to share my story, to help other people not to get in the same situation.

    And as I was so stupid this month, I will try to stop gambling. Because I never want to be in this situation again, that i can not eat and drink.

    Remember: Gambling is a game, dont put your life on the line.


    Online slots nearly ruined my life, I know some people can play within there limits but I couldn’t, I drank alcohol also while playing which made it far worse.. The Bandit summed it up perfectly.. “You wake up the next morning and then 5 minutes later it hits you” that happened to me many times my whole monthly wage gone, no rent paid or anything, getting loan’s to cover everything then doing it all over again, I got myself into a very dark place, thousands in debt and a eviction notice, I felt there was no way out and done something silly to myself, if it wasn’t for my adult son just making a chance visit I wouldn’t be writing this, that was 2 years ago.. The best thing I did after that was open up to my close family and friends whom I had alienated, I’ve finally cleared my debts and lucky to still have my job and home, I wouldn’t dream of gambling again, watching the streamers like hideous and Bandit is fun but it also reinforces me not to gamble, that’s my story, but please if you are in the same help, self exclude, and tell your family


    Thanks for sharing, Calcutta. And it’s great to have some words of wisdom from someone who has experienced the bad times and come through it!

    Lenny Brooks

    I feel that most of us could relate to the posts here.

    It’s easy to lose a bit , chase and then lose a lot more than you wanted too.

    It’s a horrible feeling to wake up and remember how much you’ve lost, it’s even more difficult to tell a partner etc.. what you’ve done.

    GameStop is a great site, I do gamble online, but now I pay all my outgoings on payday and pass my disposable income to my partner ,I leave enough for me to have £100 for the slots each month

    This works for me, as I know if I lose it, my partner has my money to get me though the rest of the month

    Watching streamers does help, you can share in the buzz of their gameplay.

    If you do have a problem, there is help available, no need to treat it like a dirty secret or feel guilty about it

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