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    It was pointed out in the comments of the last video that I shouldn’t really be commenting on who wins the prize draws or expressing a preference for winners.

    This is true, it was a bit unprofessional to say that I wanted the prize to go to a regular – but by this I just meant someone who watches the channel and is a fan.

    Lots of people watch the streams after the event (we often have 1000s of views after the stream has ended). I’m made up if anyone wins who actually enjoys slots and enjoys the videos.

    I’ll be perfectly honest and just say, I don’t want to give the money to someone who spends their time leaving nasty comments and dislikes. I can’t stop them entering and if they win they have to get the money. But there is nothing I can do about that.

    Except hope for some Karma! 😊

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    Ha I did say in my reply to the email from you and 2Jags this morning that I did feel a tinge of guilt being lucky enough to win the latest draw when I’m rarely able to watch any of your streams live…

    Regular YouTube highlights watcher though and wouldn’t be harsh enough to leave negative comments even if I didn’t like what you guys are doing with the channel (I’d go watch something else rather than waste time spreading negativity!). It’s a tough arena to keep things fresh but it’s cool to see the pair of you trying new ideas and clearly it’s working given the growth in subs and views!

    I’d be surprised if there wasn’t some extra love given to the most vocal chatbox supporters on your Twitch streams though and hopefully a few of them are lucky enough to bink a win during the remainder of your draws 🙂

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    @hideous_slots I have been watching some streams and YouTube flix. I find it hard to tune in during the live streams due to work and time one difference.

    But I Soo enjoy watching your videos as they’re always full of emotions and pizzazz if that’s the right spelling.

    Also should you ever visit New Zealand please know you and your crew will always have a place to stay with me.

    Who know perhaps a livey at a land casino aswell.

    I thank you for all you do.

    Also while I’m at it.
    You do not need to apologize to people for anything you do/say in your streams and website, these locations are yours to do freely with whatever suits you, obviously aside from racism and getting problem gamblers to do it. I see you as a respectful enough person to not do those things. As for the haters, they know what to do (example = not watch) or you can always instaban them lol

    Cheers mate!

    Hope you continue with the huge wins that are bigger then the ones you had in July 2020

    Best of luck.


    Aww thanks mate! Hope you’re enjoying the cash!

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