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When you are searching for gambling sites online, it can seem that there are just too many options to choose from. This can lead to players feeling overwhelmed, confused, and a little lost for words. There's no need to worry though, here at Hideous Slots we know everything there is to know about online gambling sites, and we're here to help you, and impart our wisdom onto you. In this guide, we'll cover everything there is to know about New Zealand gambling sites, from the payment methods available, withdrawal times, and support levels you should expect, to the kind of casino bonus you can expect to receive, and ongoing perks and rewards.

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Real Money Gambling Sites NZ

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It might seem like each of the gambling sites available online are the same, and I guess when you really get to the crux of the matter, they do all serve the same purpose. With that said though, online casino gambling sites all offer a different experience for players, which is why you should always take your time when choosing top gambling sites. It can feel overwhelming with so many gambling sites NZ to choose from, but we're here to help.

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Our team is made up of gambling experts that have years of experience in this industry, who understand everything there is to know about New Zealand gambling sites. Whether you want to know the kind of welcome bonus you'll receive at gambling sites online, or you want to understand the customer support that will be available, what selection of online pokies you can expect to find, or how long you might have to wait on your withdrawal - we have the answer. We're making it easy to find the perfect online gambling sites, with this guide.

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When you choose the right gambling sites online, you won't be disappointed. You'll find the perfect match for you in this guide, with a brand that aligns its' own values with your priorities. If you aren't sure what you should prioritise when choosing online gambling sites, we're here to help with that too - we'll be taking you through every aspect of top gambling sites, so you can decide what is important for you. With the knowledge you will gather throughout our guide on the best online casino sites, you'll be equipped to make the right decision, and the end result will be that you find the perfect option for you. Each of the new casinos we recommend within this guide have all been tried and tested by us and given the Hideous Slots seal of approval.

What To Look For At Gambling Sites Online

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With so many distinctions between the best slot sites available, it's easy to feel confused. Of course, there are a multitude of great online gambling sites to choose from, so you're never going to be short of options, but it's not just about the options available - it's about making the right choice from the options placed in front of you, which is where we come in. We could list every aspect of top 10 casinos with our eyes closed, so allow us to help you to understand more.

Have you ever wondered 'what should I be looking for at online casino gambling sites'? Well, wonder no more. Let's explore exactly what you should be looking for, and what sets the perfect NZ gambling sites apart from the rest. There's going to be a lot to unpack here, and of course we could get into the really gritty details like how nice the top gambling site logo is, but these things don't actually impact your player experience, so instead we're going to explore the aspects of gambling sites NZ that we consider to be of the utmost importance, so you can find the perfect match for you.

📝 Decide what is important to you in order to find top gambling sites for you.

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It's fair to say that no one wants to run into problems when they visit gambling sites NZ, but unfortunately, we can't always control what goes wrong. For this reason, it's important to look for gambling sites online that offer a dedicated support team, so you know you are always in safe hands.

The best kind of support teams to look for at New Zealand gambling sites are those that offer a Live Chat. Making this even better, some top gambling sites available will offer a 24/7 Live Chat - so there is always a human to talk to when something may go wrong, day or night. If you aren't the sort of play at gambling sites into the early hours of the morning though, you will probably be satisfied with a Live Chat team working regular hours. When this is the case, the team are usually available from early in the morning until late in the evening, so they cover peak hours.

Alongside a Live Chat, pay close attention to gambling sites online that offer an email point of contact, a phone number, frequently asked questions, or contact forms.

ℹ️ Look for gambling sites online that offer a dedicated support team.

Game Selection

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There's one reason and one reason only that we sign up to gambling sites - to play online pokies of course! It is imperative when contemplating online casino gambling sites, including mobile casinos, that you choose one that offers a superb selection of games, to be sure you never run out of sources of entertainment. With thousands of pokies available online, don't be too concerned with finding NZ gambling sites that offer every game available - this is unlikely. Instead, consider quality over quantity, and try to find gambling sites online that offer the best selection of games for you personally. That is, your favourite games.

You can browse the selection of pokies available at new casinos before signing up, by using the search bar within the real money slots section. This means that even if you feel drawn to top gambling sites that offer less options than one of their competitors, you may still find that they offer all of your favourite games - which means these are perfect options for you.

Casino Bonus

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We all like to be rewarded, and this includes when we sign up to gambling sites online - you should be rewarded for your custom, and you will be if you choose the right top gambling site for you. There are a number of bonuses you can see upon signing up, but the main ones you can expect to see at online casino gambling sites are cash bonuses, free spins, no deposit casino bonuses, or loyalty rewards.

We'll be exploring more about these in our 'What Kind of Bonus Can I Expect at Gambling Sites NZ' section, so for now just know this - you should be rewarded for signing up, so you should never settle for less than you deserve at one of the best online casino brands in New Zealand.

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Signing Up To Online Gambling Sites

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Signing up to New Zealand gambling sites couldn't be easier. The process will take you less than five minutes, which means that from the moment you find the perfect top gambling site for you in this guide, to the moment you are playing your favourite pokie could take less than a few minutes - including the time to make the deposit.

You do want to ensure that you receive the best bonus possible when signing up, which is why we recommend clicking 'Claim Bonus' in this guide, to be sure your bonus is locked in and ready to go at any of the gambling sites NZ we recommend. Don't forget - each of these online gambling sites has been tried and tested by us, and we stand by each of our recommendations.

Once you arrive at the top gambling site you have chosen, you simply need to click 'Register', 'Join', 'Sign Up', or something similar - you'll recognise this when you see it. You will have to provide your details - your name, date of birth, email address, address etc. You may have to verify details like your phone number or email address - this is done so online gambling sites can be sure you are who you say you are, and you're 18 years old or older. After providing these details you will be good to go - simply head to the cashier and make your deposit.

❗️ Be prepared to verify certain details, like your email address or phone number, when signing up to online gambling sites.

Always be sure to check your bonus has been applied before you make your deposit. Thankfully, this is usually done for you, but if you are ever in doubt, simply visit the promotions area, and make your deposit through this area, which will guarantee your bonus is applied.

And that's it! We weren't lying when we said signing up to NZ gambling sites is fast and easy, were we? After you've completed the steps above, it's time to get straight into enjoying yourself on your favourite pokies, and hopefully it won't be long before you're making a withdrawal.

Casino Bonus Claim
LeoVegas 100% Claim Bonus
Mr Vegas 100% Claim Bonus
JackpotCity Casino 100% Claim Bonus
Dream Vegas 200% Claim Bonus
Videoslots 100% Claim Bonus

Gambling Sites NZ - Bonuses and Payments

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Now we're on to the good bit - what kind of bonus can you expect when you sign up to NZ gambling sites, and what sort of payment methods should be available? Thankfully, there's a bonus to suit every player, so you won't be hard pressed to find the right offer for you.

Online casino gambling sites offer welcome bonuses for two reasons - firstly, because they want you to sign up to their casino instead of someone else's, so it works as an enticement. But secondly, it acts as a reward, and a way of saying 'thank you for choosing our site'. For this reason, welcome bonuses can be very lucrative, and are not something you should opt out of.

💡 Look for NZ gambling sites that reward you appropriately for signing up.

Cash Bonuses

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Cash bonuses are some of our favourites, and contrary to popular belief they are actually simple to understand. Basically, top gambling sites will match your deposit, up to a certain value. So, let's say you deposit $100, and receive a 100% up to $100 bonus. This means the casino will match 100% of your deposit - which means all of it - up to the value of $100. So you would end up with $200 in your balance.

If your bonus had been 50% up to $100 and you deposited $100, the top gambling site would have matched 50% (half) of it - giving you a total balance of $150. So, although these bonuses may seem confusing, they are actually very simple once you understand the basics thanks to our guide.

Casino Bonus Wager Free Spins Claim
Videoslots 100% 35x Yes Claim Bonus
JackpotCity Casino 100% 70x No Claim Bonus
Dream Vegas 200% 35x Yes Claim Bonus
LeoVegas 100% 25x Yes Claim Bonus
Mr Vegas 100% 35x Yes Claim Bonus
Spin Rider 200% 35x Yes Claim Bonus

Always be careful with cash bonuses, as you will be subject to wagering requirements - that is, you have to place a certain value of spins before you can make a withdrawal. If your wagering is 35x on a $100 bonus, this means you must do $3500 worth of spins, and only after this point can you withdraw. However, every $1 spin on a top gambling site pokie counts as $1 wagered, regardless of whether you win or lose, so that's good news! You will have a certain amount of time to complete wagering, and may have a maximum stake you can play on, so keep an eye out for these.

Look for NZ gambling sites offering low wagering requirements - ideally between 25 and 35x, or those that offer a longer period of time to complete the wagering requirement. On average, this is usually around 14 days, but you may be given up to 30 days to complete this.

  • Wagering Checklist:
  • ✅ All cash bonuses have wagering requirements
  • ✅ Look for wagering requirements between 25-35x
  • ✅ Check T&Cs for the maximum stake
  • ✅ Check which games have the highest contribution
  • ✅ Know how long you have to complete wagering
  • ✅ Check if there is a conversion cap
  • ✅ Complete wagering
  • ✅ Cash out!

Free Spins

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Free Spins will often accompany a cash bonus - for example 100% up to $100 plus 100 spins. If spins come alongside a cash bonus, there will often be less awarded, but if they are awarded solely as the welcome offer, you will find that more of them are available - often in excess of 500. For low stakes players, free spins are some of the best options, as these hold the highest value in terms of how they compare to regular deposits at online gambling sites.

The spins you receive will often be subject to similar wagering requirements to bonus offers, but don't lose hope - some free spin offers at online casino gambling sites have no wagering requirements attached, which means what you win, you keep! This is how you know you've found one of the top gambling sites.

Casino Free Spins Claim
LeoVegas Yes Claim Bonus
Mr Vegas Yes Claim Bonus
JackpotCity Casino Yes Claim Bonus

No Deposit Bonuses and Loyalty

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Yes, that's right - sometimes you will be given a bonus without having to spend any money at gambling sites NZ. We know, it sounds too good to be true, but trust us when we say, it isn't. You won't be given hundreds of dollars of free money, but you will be given some small perks and rewards. Some examples of this include free spins upon signing up and verifying your email address, and more spins upon verifying your mobile phone number - tasks that don't cost any money to complete, but will see you receive a perk at NZ gambling sites.

Alternatively, you can be rewarded upon signing up with entry and a head start in the loyalty program, which is another example of no deposit bonuses further down the line. Loyalty programs do exactly what they say on the tin - they reward you for your continued custom, with levels to progress through, unlocking bonuses or perks like faster payouts or straight rewards in place of levels. Often, these rewards will not have a deposit requirement at top gambling sites. Whilst they do have a deposit requirement, bonuses at minimum deposit casinos, including $1 minimum deposit casinos, $5 minimum deposit casinos, and $10 minimum deposit casinos, will have a small threshold in order to claim the offer, so this is something to look for too.

💡 Many gambling sites online offer Loyalty Programs for players.


Hand Holding Mobile Tablet and Second Hand Holding Bank Card, With Three Bank Notes, Two Gold Coins, a Clock, and a Solid Blue Cloud Behind

There are a number of payment methods you can expect to find at online casino gambling sites, and the method you choose will often affect how long your payout will take. Considering that fast payout casinos are some of the most popular, we know this is one of the most important factors to consider. Traditionally, e-Wallet methods like PayPal and Skrill have always been the fastest method widely available, but players should be aware that often at online gambling sites, e-Wallet methods will disqualify you from availing of the welcome bonus offer. And remember - a welcome bonus must be taken on the first deposit, so if you make this mistake there is no option to claim your bonus at a later date.

📝 Make a note of the payment methods available before signing up to NZ gambling sites.

Look for online casino gambling sites that offer a variety of payment methods, including Paysafecard, POLi, and PayID, but focus on your favourite method. You can find this information out before signing up by visiting the top gambling site you are considering and scrolling to the bottom of the homepage. Here you will find a display with the payment methods available. Alternatively, you can find this information out in other areas of gambling sites online - specifically the banking area or listed in frequently asked questions. If you still cannot find this information, speak to Live Chat who will be able to advise you.

Casino Bonus Withdrawal Time Fees Visit Casino
LeoVegas 100% <48 hours No Claim Bonus
Videoslots 100% <12 hours No Claim Bonus
JackpotCity Casino 100% <72 hours No Claim Bonus

Online Gambling Sites Real Money - Ongoing Perks

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So we've talked about how you can expect to be rewarded upon signing up to top gambling sites, but do the rewards have to stop there? Of course not - why should they! As an ongoing customer, you deserve to be rewarded at online casino gambling sites just as much as a new customer. For this reason, many gambling sites NZ offer players ongoing perks and rewards, which come in the following forms:

  • Cashback - the best of the best, cashback is one of the main rewards to look for when you're trying to find gambling sites online. Cashback can come in a number of forms, but usually it will either be a percentage of your deposits returned to you (minus any withdrawals), awarded at the end of each day or week, or it will be a percentage of your wins/losses returned to you, again at the end of the day or week. When you find top gambling sites that offer cashback, you won't want to let them go - it really is one of the best perks.
  • Cash Bonuses - that's right, the cash bonuses don't stop when you sign up to online gambling sites. Often, gambling sites online will offer regular match bonuses on a schedule - for example, every Wednesday or Thursday. Through keeping this schedule, it enables players to be sure they remember to take advantage of the offer.
  • Free Spins - alongside cash bonuses, it is possible to find NZ gambling sites that offer free spins, and this again may be on a regular basis, like a Sunday. As we said above, it would be silly to ever turn down any freebies, so always be sure to play your free spins out, and ensure you get the most out of them - it only takes one spin!
  • Loyalty - we touched on this above, but many gambling sites New Zealand will offer ongoing perks and rewards through their loyalty program. Through this, players can unlock cash bonuses, free spins, faster payouts, or cash rewards. You may have to opt into a loyalty scheme, so always be sure to check this any top gambling sites you are considering.
  • Refer a Friend - another freebie! Sometimes you can be rewarded for referring your friend to sign up to online casino gambling sites that you have chosen. In doing so, you may be given a cash reward, a cash bonus, free spins, or loyalty points to help progress you through levels. Even better, your friend will often get a reward too.
Casino Cashback Other Perks? Claim
Videoslots Yes Yes Claim Bonus
Mr Vegas Yes Yes Claim Bonus
LeoVegas No Yes Claim Bonus

❗️ Always remember to opt into marketing at online gambling sites NZ to ensure you don't miss rewards.

How Do You Review NZ Gambling Sites?

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We take our job seriously, which is why we put these comprehensive guides together, to help players understand everything there is to know about online gambling sites NZ. We scour the internet to be sure we bring the best offers to you, and the best recommendations, and it isn't a responsibility we take lightly. Every one of the online gambling sites that has been given our Hideous Slots seal of approval has undergone rigorous testing. Our recommended casinos also come with their own casino reviews, so you can get all the information you need before signing up.

The first thing we consider when recommending top gambling sites is the welcome bonus available. We keep repeating ourselves, but it is extremely important that you are rewarded for joining gambling sites online, and we want to ensure this is the case. We will also look at the eligibility, T&Cs, and any requirements or restrictions - including wagering.

💡 We scour the internet and put gambling sites online through extensive testing, to ensure we bring you the best of the best in our recommendations.

White Thumbs Up in Purple Circle

After this, we look at the support on offer - is there a Live Chat, and how often are they available to help? If there is no Live Chat, is there still a dedicated support team, and exactly what help are they offering? These questions are important to us, so you never find yourself in trouble with no one to help. We then get onto the fun stuff - the selection of games. We consider the providers available, the selection of pokies (both quality and quantity) on offer, and any live casino games, like blackjack and roulette, or live casino game shows.

Then, we take a look at the payment methods available, the length of time each payment method is subject to for withdrawals, and verification (if required). Finally, we consider the ongoing perks and rewards on offer, and any loyalty schemes.

Only if online casino gambling sites New Zealand pass through these levels of testing do they receive the Hideous Slots seal of approval - if we recommend it, you know it really is one of the top gambling sites on the market.

  • Hideous Slots Casino Review Checklist:
  • 💎 Safe and Secure
  • 💎 Rewarding Welcome Bonus
  • 💎 Fair Wagering and Terms
  • 💎 Adequate Support
  • 💎 Game Selection
  • 💎 Payment Methods
  • 💎 Withdrawal Times
  • 💎 Verification
  • 💎 Ongoing Perks and Promotions

Online Casino Gambling Sites FAQs

What should I look for when browsing gambling sites online?

There are a number of things to consider when searching for top gambling sites, beginning with the welcome bonus on offer. You deserve to be rewarded for signing up, and want to be sure you will be. Alongside this, you want to make sure there is adequate support available to help you if you end up finding yourself in trouble, along with ongoing perks and rewards. If all this takes place at one of our fast payout casinos - even better.

Is it easy to sign up to online gambling sites?

Of course - it couldn't be easier! The entire process of signing up to top gambling sites can be completed in under 5 minutes, so you can get straight into enjoying yourself in as little time as possible. You may have to verify a few details, like your email address or mobile phone number, but the good news is these tasks take no time at all, are free to complete, and you may sometimes even be rewarded for completing them.

What kind of bonus can I expect at gambling sites New Zealand?

There are several different bonuses on offer at New Zealand gambling sites, beginning with cash match bonuses - where top gambling sites will match your deposit, and give you extra money to play with. Alongside these bonuses, you can be rewarded with free spins (sometimes even wager free spins), loyalty points, welcome packages, or even no deposit bonuses - there are a multitude of options available, but one thing you can be sure of is that by choosing online casino gambling sites from this guide, you are guaranteed to be rewarded.

Can I guarantee I will receive my bonus at top gambling sites?

You sure can. Firstly, if you click on any of the casinos in this guide, or on 'Claim Bonus' in this guide, your bonus will be locked in and guaranteed. When you go to the top gambling site you have chosen, you can visit the promotions area and make your deposit through there if you want to practise extra precautions - although the bonus will normally be added to your account immediately. Your reward is only a few clicks away!

Will I get any ongoing perks or rewards at online gambling sites?

You will indeed - the rewards don't stop when you sign up! At Hideous Slots recommended gambling sites online, you will receive a number of ongoing perks and rewards. These can include match cash bonuses, free spins, loyalty points, loyalty levels where faster payouts and other rewards can be unlocked, or even cash back. Look out also for the ability to refer friends, which can unlock bonuses, spins, or even cash rewards.

How do you review NZ gambling sites?

Each of the gambling sites online that we have recommended in this guide have went through rigorous testing by us - a team with years of experience in the gambling industry, specifically reviewing online gambling sites. We look at a number of factors when deciding to give gambling sites NZ our seal of approval - specifically, what kind of welcome bonus is available along with its' eligibility, T&Cs, and wagering, the support on offer, the selection of games available, payment methods, payment wait times, verification times, and ongoing perks and rewards. It is an extensive, exhaustive process, but one that we stand by and are proud of - our Hideous Slots seal of approval means something. We are proud of it, and know that you will not be disappointed with any of the gambling sites online that you discover through this gambling sites NZ guide.

Casino Bonus Score Percentage Free Spins Claim
LeoVegas 9.7 100% Yes Claim Bonus
Mr Vegas 9.8 100% Yes Claim Bonus
JackpotCity Casino 9.8 100% Yes Claim Bonus
Dream Vegas 9.7 200% Yes Claim Bonus
Videoslots 9.7 100% Yes Claim Bonus

Top Gambling Sites

Red Stamp With the Word Approved Appearing Three Times and Ten Red Stars

This guide exists to make your life easier - to apply our expertise and experience to your search for top gambling sites, so you can ensure you get the best result possible. With so many preferences possible, it's up to each player to decide what the most important priority is to them, but no matter what your answer is you can rest assured that we've covered it in this guide to gambling sites online. The best news of all is that you don't have to choose just one thing that is important to you when searching for gambling sites NZ - there are online gambling sites that offer superb welcome bonuses, a dedicated support team, a huge selection of pokies, fast payouts, and regular ongoing perks and rewards. This is how you know you've found one of the top gambling sites - when they've got every base covered.

We've searched the internet so you don't have to, and we've put the work in so you can get straight to the good bit. With this guide, you can be matched to New Zealand gambling sites that perfectly suit your needs - all without having to do very much work, thanks to us. We want to take the exhaustive, confusing, overwhelming emotions out of finding gambling sites online, and put you somewhere where you can get straight into having fun. You're still in the driving seat, but we're expertly navigating, with our years of experience behind us.

By choosing one of the online casino gambling sites recommended in this guide, you can guarantee you are treated with the respect you deserve and rewarded in the ways that you have earned through your ongoing custom. Sit back, relax, and let us do the hard work for you.

💡 We're here to help you find the perfect gambling sites NZ for you.

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