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We all want to win big on an online casino, but who wants to wait around for their withdrawal? These days, many online casinos now offer fast withdrawals, with some even offering instant withdrawals - yes, instant! Even better, these casinos are some of the most established brands, with fantastic game selections and support options. Follow our guide below to source the best fast payout online casinos and help us take the stress out of finding a casino.

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Fast Payout Online Casinos

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to request a large withdrawal from an online casino, you know how it feels to be met with a long wait to receive the funds. We don’t want to wait for the money we’ve won – it's important to make sure we are playing at the fastest withdrawal casino, and that everything is processed at speed. Thankfully, not every casino will force a long wait upon players, and there are some superb casino brands offering fast payouts. We all have different priorities when it comes to the brands we choose, but if you’re one of the players that puts a fast withdrawal at the top of your list, look no further. We’ve put together a list below of the casinos that offer the fastest withdrawals, along with their casino bonus, T&Cs, and which payment methods can speed that fast payout even further.

fast payout online casinos uk

Even better than a fast withdrawal is an instant withdrawal and believe it or not – it’s possible. For a long time, in every aspect of our lives, a payment would be taken immediately, but a refund would have us faced with a 2-3 day wait – and working days at that. It was the same for casinos – deposits would credit immediately, but we would have to wait up to 48 hours for withdrawals to be processed, and then potentially another 1-3 working days for the money to arrive to us. As technology has progressed and standards have improved, so too has the cashier service at popular casino brands, meaning many of the brands below offer instant payouts, making them one of the best choices for players.


Top Fast Withdrawal Casinos UK

To help you find an instant withdrawal casino, we’ll tell you a little more about the brands. Often, when something seems too good to be true, players will wonder if its legitimate. When you’re used to waiting up to 5 working days for your withdrawal to hit your bank account, it can seem disconcerting to be told you could have your withdrawal in as little as 30 minutes. Thankfully, UK players have the United Kingdom Gambling Commission to take the pressure off these decisions – the UKGC offer the highest standard of licencing and regulation across the globe, and each of the casinos below are licenced and regulated by the UKGC, making it easy for players to know they are trustworthy. Each of these online casino sites are fair, safe, reputable, and will always hold your funds in a separate and safe place. Alongside this, they each offer player support, meaning if you have any problems there’s always someone to help. Choose from the list below and use any of the recommended payment methods to be sure your payout is as fast as possible.

💎 PartyCasino Instant - 24 hours 💎 Videoslots Instant - 24 hours
💎 Mr Vegas Instant - 24 hours 💎 Magical Vegas Fast Processing
💎 24 - 72 hours 💎 LeoVegas Same day processing


Party Casino Logo
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PartyCasino has continued to grow in popularity in recent years, in part due to the fantastic customer service they offer, including 24/7 live chat support. With a UKGC licence under their belt, they are one of the most trustworthy brands available, and this is backed up by their approach to banking. With a host of payment methods available, many of them offer fast payouts – including PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and Visa Debit cards, thanks to Visa Fast Funds. If your card is enabled for this method, you can see your funds reach your account in as little as 2 hours, whilst e-Wallet users will see their funds arrive in under 24 hours. With such fast withdrawals and superb customer service, it’s easy to see why PartyCasino is such a popular choice. We recommend Visa Debit, PayPal, Skrill or Neteller for PartyCasino players.

Casino Withdrawal Time Bonus Visit Casino
PartyCasino Instant - 24 hours Yes Claim Bonus


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Videoslots was the original brand to come from Videoslots Limited. Videoslots is regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, and all payments are safe and secure. To look at, Videoslots and Mr Vegas aren’t just sisters – they’re twins, and thankfully the same is true when it comes to their withdrawals and verification. Videoslots were one of the first to set the new industry standard for fast withdrawals, with e-Wallet withdrawals arriving to players accounts in fewer than 30 minutes. For this reason, we recommend Visa Debit, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal or Trustly for this brand.

Casino Withdrawal Time Bonus Visit Casino
Videoslots Instant - 24 hours Yes Claim Bonus

Payment Methods for a Fast Withdrawal Casino

fast payout online casinos uk

As you can see above, we recommend particular payment methods to ensure you get a fast withdrawal at the casino you use. This is because not every payment method takes the same amount of time, and we want players to know which methods will give them a fast payout. Traditionally, e-Wallet methods like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and Trustly Instant Banking would be the fastest, and the only methods to offer anything close to an instant payout. However, in recent years certain other methods have caught up with this, and as a result some Visa Debit card users can now see fast withdrawals – and even instant payouts. We’ve reviewed below the fastest payment methods available. Each of these methods are safe and secure, and we’re going to look at what each method offers users, without considering individual casinos.

ℹ️ Your withdrawal method is one of the most important aspects of getting a fast payout

e-Wallet Methods

An e-Wallet is a digital wallet. It works similarly to a bank account but serves primarily as a way to make and receive payments. One of the biggest benefits of an e-Wallet is the financial privacy it offers – when you make a payment with an e-Wallet, the third party only receives your email address. With this option, you never have to share your card details with anyone, but it is important to note that all casinos on this list, and any with a UKGC licence will always hold your funds in a responsible way – payments will always be safe and secure. However, if you’d like that extra piece of privacy, an e-Wallet is the way to go.

One of the earliest examples of an e-Wallet was when we used to use PayPal to buy things on Ebay, rather than using a debit or credit card. PayPal is coincidentally one of the most popular payment methods available for online casinos. After PayPal, platforms like Skrill and Neteller followed, and all have seen a rise in popularity. With these methods, you’ll see your withdrawal arrive quickly at most casinos, after casino processing times. These platforms have adapted to facilitate fast withdrawals, making them one of the best options if a fast payout is a priority of yours.

Of course, not every option is perfect, and in using an e-Wallet method there is a chance you will not be eligible for a casino welcome offer, so it’s beneficial to check this beforehand. However, there are many pros – as we’ve said, these methods offer privacy and speed. Also, these methods are widely chosen by players who want to keep their gambling transactions separate from their regular banking statements – maybe they’re saving for a mortgage and don’t want to affect their chances because they sometimes like to gamble, or maybe they just don’t want to two to mix. If this is you, an e-Wallet is definitely a good call.

ℹ️ e-Wallets are usually the fastest payout method available at casinos.

Visa Debit Cards

Debit cards have never been the fastest withdrawal method available, but they usually aren’t the slowest either. Often, debit card waiting times will fall somewhere between e-Wallet methods and bank transfers. However, things are continually changing and improving in the financial and technical world, and with the introduction of Visa Fast Funds, we’re seeing a whole new side to using Visa Debit cards for deposits and withdrawals. With Fast Funds, Visa Direct transactions are processed in real time, and funds can be available within 30 minutes of approval. Visa described this as a way to ‘reduce payment uncertainty for both sender and receiver.’ We couldn’t put it better ourselves – no one wants uncertainty, and there’s nothing worse than the few day wait where you worry your withdrawal won’t come at all. Fast Funds removes that worry.

Of course, even with Fast Funds you still have to wait for the casino to approve the withdrawal, but you’ll notice in the casinos listed above – it’s usually casinos with fast processing times that offer Fast Funds for fast withdrawals. If you’re not sure if your bank or debit card offers Fast Funds, you can check with your bank. Alternatively, often after you deposit the casino will let you know in the cashier area that your card is approved for this – but with this route you won’t know if this is possible until you’ve made your deposit.

Visa Debit cards are one of, if not the, most secure payment methods worldwide, especially with their Verified by Visa 3-D Secure system. If you want a safe, trusted payment method that also offers fast withdrawals, you get it all with Visa Debit cards.

ℹ️ Eligible Visa Debit card users can see their funds arrive to their account in less than 2 hours thanks to Visa Fast Funds.

Instant Withdrawal Casinos UK

The only thing better than a fast withdrawal is an instant withdrawal. It’s not really possible for any withdrawal to truly be as instant as a deposit, but there are some new casinos coming close – with the most obvious option above being Mr Vegas. This casino processes withdrawals every 5 minutes around the clock, and once processed you’ll see the funds in your account within 30 minutes, making a total maximum wait of 35 minutes, provided no verification or security checks are ongoing. This is hopefully the direction every casino is heading in, where players can be guaranteed a fast withdrawal, every time.

Instant Payout Casinos
💎 Videoslots Instant - 24 hours 💎 PartyCasino Instant - 24 hours
💎 Mr Vegas Instant - 24 hours 💎 LeoVegas Same Day Processing

Is Every Casino an Instant Withdrawal Casino?

fast payout online casinos uk

Unfortunately not, but as we said – we hope every casino is heading towards being a fast withdrawal casino. For now, there are some fast withdrawal casinos available to players, and fewer instant withdrawal casinos. That doesn’t mean you can’t help this along, though. For one, choosing the right method can take a withdrawal from a 1-3 working day wait, to seeing the funds within 24 hours. For that reason, if you aren’t playing on a fast or instant withdrawal casino, it makes sense to always choose the fastest withdrawal option available – usually e-Wallet methods.

Most casinos will offer Frequently Asked Questions, Help Areas, or a Support Team, and there’s no harm in checking the payment times before making your deposit. You can usually visit a Banking or Payments page to check this. Look at the different options available and weigh up your best option – bearing in mind that getting your money 24 hours sooner could mean you forfeit your welcome offer. Thankfully, with so many offers, payment methods and casinos on offer, each player can build the experience they want for themselves, prioritising what matters to them. There’s no one size fits all – what matters to one player might not matter to another.

Don’t be alarmed by the wait times for every method – you only need to care about the method you intend to use. If you’re depositing at a fast withdrawal casino where Visa Fast Funds are enabled, and your Visa Debit card is eligible for this service, you don’t need to care how long a Mastercard Debit card withdrawal will take. There will always be some payment methods that take longer than others – bank transfers are traditionally the slowest, but if you don’t plan to use it, you don’t need to worry about it.

💡 Check the banking area before you sign up to a casino find out more about payout times - or keep reading this guide!

Payment Method Limitations

One method you will never be able to use to deposit in the UK is a credit card. In January 2020, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission announced that from 14th April 2020, it would no longer be possible to deposit via a credit card to any UKGC regulated casinos. The ban applied to both online and offline gambling products and was welcomed by most as a step in the right direction to protecting players from harm. For this reason, no one in the UK can deposit or withdraw to a credit card.

In addition to this, UK players cannot avail of any kind of credit option to deposit at a UKGC regulated casino – including Klarna or deposits that add to your phone bill. These have all been stopped in a bid to ensure players only gamble within their means.

❗️ UK Players can no longer use credit cards to deposit at online casinos.

Cashing Out at a Fast Withdrawal Casino

Thankfully, withdrawing at a casino is as simple as depositing. Once you decide you want to withdraw money from your casino account, you need to navigate to the cashier, or specific withdrawal area. Once you’ve opened the cashier or equivalent, you’ll need to select your withdrawal method. This is usually pre-selected for you, which we’ll explain more on below. Once you’ve selected your method, you can type the amount you’d like to withdraw and confirm – that’s it! So simple, and if you’re using a fast withdrawal casino, you’ll receive your funds before you know it. Of course, limitations do exist, and we’ll go through a few.

❗️ You will have to withdraw back to the same method you used to deposit, where possible.


fast payout online casinos uk

AML checks are some of the most common at UK Casinos – that is, Anti Money Laundering checks. Casinos are required by law to be sure that players are using their own money to gamble. These checks cannot be avoided, but thankfully they don’t take too long, and they’re very simple. Also known as Know Your Customer (or KYC), a casino will ask you to provide proof of identity, proof of address and proof of payment method. Occasionally, you may be asked for additional documentation, but more often than not these are the 3 requirements. With this in mind, you can have these documents prepared and ready. Proof of ID will need to be photographic – a driving licence or passport. Proof of address is best in the form of a bank statement or utility bill (dated within the last 3 months), and finally proof of payment will be a photo of your debit card, or a screenshot of your e-Wallet account, showing they belong to you.

Once you’ve sent these off, provided the details you’ve given upon signing up are correct, you’ll be approved, and your funds will be released. It’s not always possible to predict when a casino will ask for KYC, but there are a few things you can do to help:

  1. Check T&Cs – if there is a specific deposit or withdrawal threshold at which point KYC is required, you can be prepared to provide this.
  2. Check your account area – many casinos will have a Document Upload area or will provide an email address to send verification to. Sending this as soon as possible ensures you’ll receive your money as soon as possible.
  3. Speak to support – if you don’t see an obvious place to upload or send your documents, contact support, and ask if you can provide them. Often, they will allow you to send these documents through in advance – casinos want you to be verified as quickly as you do.
  4. Keep your documents ready – prepare your documents to be provided. Always store them somewhere safe and secure, but make sure they’re accessible – there’s nothing worse than being asked for KYC and realising you’ve lost something you need.
  5. Keep expired cards if not yet provided – if your debit card has expired and you have not yet provided it for KYC, I suggest keeping a photo of it before you destroy it. Always make sure all four corners are visible, it is taken in good lightning against a plain background, and there are no shadows on it. Photograph both sides and store it in a safe and secure place. If you are asked for KYC, you will usually have to verify every card used thus far, and if you no longer have access to the card you can run into problems and may even be forced to ask your bank for confirmation the card once belonged to you. A lot of hassle when you want a fast withdrawal.

If you’re worried about uploading a photo of your debit card to a casino, you will usually be asked to cover or obscure the middle 8 digits. This is to ensure your details are safe.

  • Verification Checklist:
  • ✅ Proof of ID
  • ✅ Proof of Address
  • ✅ Proof of Payment Method

Payment Methods

You cannot withdraw to any withdrawal method of your choosing – often, you have to withdraw to the same method you have deposited with. This is again part of the AML regulations casinos must enforce. Some casinos work their withdrawals like a balancing act – if you deposit £100 from debit card A, and then you deposit £100 from debit card B, you must balance these upon withdrawing. If you chose to withdraw £300, you would have to withdraw £100 back to debit card A, and you could withdraw the remainder to debit card B. This is to ensure funds are returned to the method they came from.

Alternatively, some casinos only allow you to have one active payment method at a time, and you must contact them and verify the method to change it. In this instance, you don’t necessarily have to balance every method, but you must have verified it so they can ensure you are adhering to AML regulations.

If you’re struggling to withdraw for any reason (for example you no longer have access to your debit card), you can usually withdraw your funds via bank transfer. If this is not possible at the cashier area, it is possible by contacting support. However, we’ve been discussing fast withdrawal casinos today, and bank transfer is one of, if not the, slowest methods available for withdrawals. No one wants to sign up to a fast withdrawal casino, or an instant withdrawal casino, and wait 5-7 working days on their withdrawal. However, it is helpful to know this is an option if you are stuck.

💡 Do your research so you know what to expect when you request a withdrawal.

Bonus Money

fast payout online casinos uk

You won’t be able to withdraw at a fast withdrawal casino unless you have a real cash balance. This means you would have to have completed wagering requirements if you had a bonus active. Thankfully, UKGC regulations again protect players, requiring all bonuses given to UK players to be ‘non-sticky’. This means you can cancel your bonus at any point and withdraw what is left of your real cash balance.

So, if you deposit £100 and get £100 bonus money, your balance would be £200 total - £100 cash and £100 bonus. You’ll play with your cash balance first, so when playing with that £100 if you get a big win and have £300 cash, you can cancel your £100 bonus, forfeiting the bonus, and withdraw your £300 cash.

However, if you do spend all £100 of your cash and you go into your bonus balance, and get a big win, you can’t withdraw straight away. Because the casino has given you this money as part of their offer, they require you to wager it (or turn it over) a certain amount of times. This is usually between 25-50 times, with 35x being the most common requirement. So, if your £100 bonus requires you to wager it 35 times, you must place £3,500 worth of bets before you can withdraw. Each time you bet £1, you have wagered £1, no matter how much you win or lose. After your wagering is complete, your bonus balance moves into the cash balance, and you can withdraw. Some casinos have a maximum stake and maximum withdrawal from bonus money, so bare this in mind too.

Can I Guarantee a Fast Withdrawal?

Unfortunately, no. It’s not all bad news though – there are some things you can do to help things along. First, be prepared with your documentation. As we’ve said above, having the appropriate documentation ensures a fast verification. Some fast withdrawal casinos will verify documents quicker than others, but the one thing guaranteed to speed the process up is you being able to provide the requested documents as soon as you’re asked for them. Quite often there’s a queue to be verified, and it doesn’t matter when you were asked to provide documents, or when you requested your withdrawal – you join the back of the queue when you finally upload the documents, so you want to join that queue as soon as possible.

Choosing the right deposit method is of the utmost importance – because your deposit method dictates your withdrawal method, thanks to AML checks. If you deposit by debit card to get a welcome offer, you can’t expect to withdraw via PayPal to get a fast withdrawal. That’s why we recommend joining one of Hideous Slots recommended fast withdrawal casinos, many of which have Visa Fast Funds enabled – to get your debit card withdrawal within 2 hours.

If you’re outside of the UK, sticking with one casino can also speed your withdrawals up. If you’re playing at one of our recommended instant withdrawal casinos this isn’t possible – there’s nothing faster than instant! However, if you’ve been experiencing problems with waiting for withdrawals it’s worth sticking to one site. We know it can be tempting to try different casinos for the welcome offers but being a regular player will often build your VIP or Loyalty Level, and with a higher loyalty level comes faster withdrawals, and more free withdrawals if the casino has a fee attached.

Really though, it’s all about the payment method you choose and how quickly you supply your verification – there’s no time to wait around with this stuff, it’s only you who will suffer with a longer wait for your money. We know it can be frustrating to be asked to verify yourself, but we all agree to this when we sign up (those long T&Cs you didn’t read? It’s in there), and it’s something we must do – so it’s better to do it sooner rather than later.

📝 To ensure your withdrawal is processed as quickly as possible, you should submit documents to verify yourself upon signing up.

Withdrawal Fees at Fast Withdrawal Casinos

No one wants to pay a fee on their withdrawal – if you’ve spent a few hours playing, especially after losing in the past, no one wants to have to pay for the privilege of withdrawing their money. Unfortunately, every casino has its pros and cons, and some of the fast withdrawal casinos have a charge for withdrawing.

This charge can come in a number of ways – firstly, by allowing a number of free withdrawals per day/month and then charging after this point. Secondly, there may be a percentage charge on withdrawals, with a maximum amount you can be charged – for example you may be charged 2.5% but this cannot exceed £12.50. Finally, there may be a flat charge for withdrawals – for example, £2. In every case, the charge will be displayed when you visit the cashier or withdrawal area, so you’ll know how much you will be charged, if anything. Most of the time, withdrawal fees apply to debit card withdrawals, and usually e-Wallet methods are free for withdrawals – meaning they are not only some of the fastest options available, but also the most cost effective!

Casino Withdrawal Time Bonus Fees Visit Casino
PartyCasino Instant - 24 hours 100% No Claim Bonus
Videoslots Instant - 24 hours 100% No Claim Bonus Up To 24 hours Free Spins No Claim Bonus

Can I Avoid Withdrawal Fees?

You actually can! You can avoid continuous withdrawal fees by waiting and withdrawing only once every couple of days or every week. That’s not to say you have to risk losing the money you’ve won back – as part of the Safer Gambling options widely available, casinos now offer Loss Limits, so rather than limiting just what you deposit, you can limit how much you lose. If you don’t want to be faced with continuous withdrawal fees, you can update your loss limit accordingly as your balance changes, and you can request your withdrawal at the end of the week, meaning you would only be charged once.

If you want your withdrawal as soon as possible though, fees may be unavoidable, and it will be up to you to decide if you’d rather pay a fee at a fast withdrawal casino or have a free withdrawal but wait longer on it – there’s no wrong answer, we all have our own priorities!

ℹ️ Withdrawal fees are sometimes unavoidable, but often you can use a different payment method to avoid paying fees.

How Do I Know If I’ll Be Charged?

If you’ve already signed up to one of our recommended fast withdrawal casinos and you’re not sure if you’ll be charged, you can find out by visiting the cashier and selecting ‘withdraw’. Even if you haven’t yet made a deposit, or don’t have enough money in your balance to withdraw, you’ll still be able to check out the methods available for withdrawal and see the attached fees. This will help you to make an informed decision about which method you may want to use to deposit, as not every withdrawal method may have a fee.

Alternatively, you can check FAQs, Banking pages, ask Support, or visit the T&Cs and check if there are any applicable fees there – they are quite lengthy, so the easiest way to do this is to open the T&Cs and find the word ‘fee’, by pressing CTRL+F on Windows or CMD+F on Mac. If nothing shows up, you can find the word ‘withdrawal’ and check that section to be completely sure. This would be the best way to check before signing up, although once you have joined one of these casinos the fees would be listed in the cashier area, so it would be much easier to see. Don’t forget though, there are plenty of fast withdrawal casinos without fees on withdrawals.

💡 Check the Banking Page of the casino you're signing up to to find out more about fees.

What You Need to Know About Fast Withdrawal Casinos

Deciding which casino you’ll choose to be a customer of isn’t always an easy decision – it’s rare to find one casino that has everything you want. Maybe your favourite game is missing, maybe you will be charged a fee on a withdrawal, or maybe they don’t offer your regular payment method. Here’s a few things you should bear in mind when choosing:

  1. Make sure any fast withdrawal casino you choose is licenced and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Any casinos recommended by Hideous Slots are always licenced by the UKGC, or MGA if outside of UK.
  2. Try to choose a casino that offers a good variety of games – this ensures you’ll never be disappointed with the selection available, and there’ll always be something to keep you entertained. The best casinos have a mix of slots, table games and live casino games. Even better if there are Sports options too – if you’re a fan.
  3. Casinos which offer welcome bonuses are always going to be preferable to many players. Remember, in the UK all bonuses are non-sticky, so there’s no risk involved in taking a bonus if you’re planning on depositing anyway. You can take your deposit back out if you are lucky enough to win, and if not and you can’t complete wagering, you haven’t lost anything extra.
  4. Ongoing perks are some of the best reasons to choose a casino. There are many ways players can receive perks – by building loyalty points to exchange for cash or bonuses, by offering cash back, or by offering regular match bonuses and free spins. This keeps things fresh and exciting for players, especially when a freebie results in a withdrawal!
  5. The most important aspect of a fast withdrawal casino is the withdrawal – make sure the one you choose offers the payment method you prefer. The best to choose is one with a good variety of payment methods, so you can change things up if you want to, and to ensure you always have access to the fastest withdrawal method.
  6. Things aren’t always plain sailing – sometimes things go wrong, and we need help, or sometimes we just have questions. For this reason, choosing a casino with good support is so important. The best support you can get is a live chat, especially if its 24/7, or an email address so you can contact the support team directly, so this is definitely something to bear in mind.

❗️ Never play at a casino without a UKGC or MGA Licence.

How Do Hideous Slots Review Fast Payout Casinos?

At Hideous Slots we don’t just recommend casinos, we play at casinos too, so we know how frustrating it can be to have to wait on a withdrawal. For that reason, we always want our visitors to know how long they should expect to wait on a withdrawal. Each of our recommended casinos are accompanied by a review, where players can read more about the payment methods on offer, minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits, payment processing times, KYC, and the standard amount of time for each withdrawal method to reach your account.

However, it’s not just about speed here at Hideous Slots – we also want to promote safer gambling, and will always recommend legitimate casinos, regulated by the UKGC, with the proper tools in place to ensure players can play within their means. Finally, we like to be sure players know what the casino offers in terms of entertainment, so we list what providers are on offer, along with the table games and live casino games available, and what perks or promotions the casino offers regularly.

  • Hideous Slots Casino Review Checklist:
  • 💎 UKGC Licence
  • 💎 Rewarding Welcome Bonus
  • 💎 Fair Wagering and Terms
  • 💎 Adequate Support
  • 💎 Game Selection
  • 💎 Payment Methods
  • 💎 Withdrawal Times
  • 💎 Verification
  • 💎 Ongoing Perks and Promotions

Fast Withdrawal Casinos FAQs

Do all casinos offer fast withdrawals?
No, not all casinos offer fast withdrawals, but more and more casinos are starting to. The casino industry is a competitive one, and we foresee even more brands embracing fast withdrawals over the next couple of years. For now you can rest assured – even though not every casino offers fast or instant withdrawals, there are plenty that do with a huge selection of games, great support, the proper licence and fast withdrawals on both e-Wallet methods and Visa Debit cards.

Do I have to pay extra for a fast withdrawal?
No, you won’t ever have to pay extra specifically to have a fast withdrawal, but sometimes only certain payment methods incur fees. As a result, it may be that one of the fastest available method incurs a charge, or that some of the fast withdrawal casinos may charge after the first withdrawal each day. You won’t ever be charged specifically to receive your money quicker though.

I don’t want to use an e-Wallet method. Can I still get fast withdrawals?
Yes, you can! Although it’s not currently available at every casino, many fast withdrawal casinos now use Visa Fast Funds, meaning you can have the money back on your Visa Debit card in under 2 hours. You can check if your card is enabled for this by contacting your bank, or by checking online for a list of banks currently working with Fast Funds. At the time of writing this the following banks were working with Visa Fast Funds:

  • Barclays
  • NatWest
  • Lloyds
  • HSBC
  • Bank of Scotland
  • AIB Group
  • Allied Irish Bank
  • Bank of Ireland
  • Ulster Bank

Which payment methods do you recommend for fast withdrawals?
We recommend the following methods for a fast withdrawal – at fast withdrawal casinos, these methods have proven to be the fastest:

  • Visa Debit card (if you have Visa Fast Funds)
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

Is there anything I can do to ensure I get a fast withdrawal?
There are a few things you can do to help speed your withdrawals up. First, choose your deposit and withdrawal method carefully – bank transfer withdrawals will always take the longest, so that’s not what you want to aim for. Instead, aim to use an e-Wallet method like PayPal, Skrill or Neteller, or use your Visa Debit card if both your bank and the casino you’ve chosen work with Fast Funds.

Next, be sure to be prepared with your verification documents. To recap, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Check T&Cs – if there is a specific deposit or withdrawal threshold at which point KYC is required, you can be prepared to provide this.
  2. Check your account area – many casinos will have a Document Upload area or will provide an email address to send verification to. Sending this as soon as possible ensures you’ll receive your money as soon as possible.
  3. Speak to support – if you don’t see an obvious place to upload or send your documents, contact support, and ask if you can provide them. Often, they will allow you to send these documents through in advance – casinos want you to be verified as quickly as you do.
  4. Keep your documents ready – prepare your documents to be provided. Always store them somewhere safe and secure, but make sure they’re accessible – there’s nothing worse than being asked for KYC and realising you’ve lost something you need.
  5. Keep expired cards if not yet provided – if your debit card has expired and you have not yet provided it for KYC, I suggest keeping a photo of it before you destroy it. Always make sure all four corners are visible, it is taken in good lightning against a plain background, and there are no shadows on it. Photograph both sides and store it in a safe and secure place. If you are asked for KYC, you will usually have to verify every card used thus far, and if you no longer have access to the card you can run into problems and may even be forced to ask your bank for confirmation the card once belonged to you. A lot of hassle when you want a fast withdrawal.

Fast Withdrawal Casinos UK

Although they might seem too good to be true, fast withdrawal casinos absolutely do exist – and so do instant withdrawal casinos! Better yet, they are legitimate, with proper regulation, and they often offer superb selections of slots, table games and live games, topped off with great customer support. You don’t have to compromise on the things you want in a casino just to see a fast withdrawal. Be sure to check out Hideous Slots recommended fast withdrawal casinos and read the reviews where we detail licencing, support, providers available, and the selection of slots, table games and live casino games players will have to entertain them. We also detail which payment methods are available, along with bonus offers, ongoing perks and most importantly – withdrawal times.

💡 Choose the right casino and you may never have to wait on your withdrawal again.

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