Which Slots Can I Win Big On

What Slots Can I Win Big On?

It's the age old question: what slot should I play if I want to win big? A relatively simple question, with a far from simple answer. Of course, everyone who gambles wants to win big, and if there was a simple answer to explain it, we would all win big every time. Gambling is a risk for the chance of reward, and often the reward does not come. Every gambler around the world has had both winning and losing sessions, and unfortunately when it comes to playing slots there isn't a lot we can do to control the outcome. We can however, look at the two ways in which players could win big, and cash their money out with profit.

High Risk, High Reward

The most obvious answer to winning big would be exactly that: win big. Each person would consider a different point to pass the threshold of “big”, but for the purpose of this conversation we'll discuss wins most people would consider to be huge – 5,000x or more. Now, by looking at the maximum possible win within the Information of any slot, it's easy to see what that particular game is capable of. Reaching that maximum win, however, is a lot more difficult than it seems.

If the game in question has a maximum possible win of 5,000x there's not a lot of room in the middle for wins of different sizes, meaning once you surpass a win of 3,000x you're coming pretty close to the maximum. Other games, however, with a maximum win of 50,000x or more, leave a lot more room in between for wins of different sizes. Usually, the bigger the maximum win, the more volatile the slot is.

High Volatility is high risk, however, and it is possible to go through hundreds of spins without a feature. Although we are provided with the theoretical RTP of each slot we play, this is something that is calculated over millions of spins. If we play a slot with an RTP of 97%, we cannot expect to always receive 97% of our money back. If this were true – we'd never win! Playing a higher volatility slot can, of course, pay off though, and we've seen some absolutely huge wins from some of the highest volatility slots.

Huge Forum Win
Huge Win From The Forum – Over 35,000x On 10p

Maximum Wins on Slots

Within a week of release, a lucky player hit the maximum win of 150,000x on San Quentin by Nolimit City, and within a day of release, another player hit the 60,000x maximum win on their newer release, Fire In The Hole. Even at the lowest possible stake of 20c these maximum wins would have values of €30,000 and €12,000 – considered “big” in anyone's eyes.

Of course, you don't have to hit a once in a billion spins maximum win to win big on a high volatility slot. With capabilities of 150,000x it leaves room for wins of all different sizes in between. Lil' Devil is another example of a slot with the potential to pay upwards of 100,000x, but we've also seen numerous wins between 10,000x and 30,000x on this slot.

Just as mentioned above though, the chance of high rewards comes hand in hand with high risk. If you choose to play a volatile slot it is always worth considering lowering your stake slightly, to allow for the length of time it can take to land a feature. Second to that, just because these slots can pay huge, doesn't mean they always do. Many, many players have waited through hundreds of spins to land a bonus feature, and not even won their feature cost money back within the feature.

Often within higher volatility games, they offer a high volatility and an “extreme volatility” feature too, so if you're going to go for the extreme feature it could be even more disappointing. Yes, it could be very rewarding, but you should always be prepared that it may go the other way. Approach a high volatility slot with caution. Consider lowering your stake, and consider setting yourself a specific amount of money and/or spins before you'll move on to another game, rather than going down a rabbit hole and becoming too overly invested in seeing a bonus feature, which could be a costly venture.

Extreme Volatility Bonus on Deadwood

Lower Risk, Lower Reward

Of course, the second option to “winning big” could just be the fact that you leave your gambling session with profit at all, regardless of how long it took to get there. For this example, it's worthwhile to look at what most players refer to as “building a balance”. This means that you would play a lower volatility slot, but play it with the hope to win quickly, or often, meaning that although you do not win the end result in one feature, you still end up winning over many features.

There are a lot of games that have a maximum win capped at around 1,000x with some notable examples being Blueprint Gaming. Of course, Blueprint Gaming do offer us some hugely volatile games with their Megaways varieties, but for the purpose of this we'll consider their 5×3 reel based games. Blueprint Gaming offer a lot of these games, with the most popular including The Goonies, Rick and Morty: Wubba Lubba Dub Dub, and Sausage Party. Although the features don't pay more than 1,000x, it is perfectly possible to play these games for a prolonged period of time and win more than 1,000x over the course of many features.

Low Volatility Slot Features

Lower Volatility slots often have base features too, and the aforementioned Blueprint varieties include special base features, where players can trigger a special feature to win upwards of 100x during the base game. These games and their features can help players to build a balance through many different base rounds and feature games. We ourselves have played a Blueprint Game and finished over 500x in front from a combination of wins from a multitude of features.

Not everyone can always win on a slot though, no matter how low in volatility the slot is. There is never a recommendation to raise stakes above the level you are comfortable with in order to try and win. Of course, we did previously mention that for high volatility games players should consider lowering their stake slightly, and it is usually quite common to play a lower volatility game on a slightly higher stake – provided the higher stake is still within your stake comfort zone. Lower stake bonuses on higher volatility games can pay more than a higher stake bonus on a lower volatility game, but nothing is set in stone with slots.

Rick and Morty Slot: Wubba Dubba Dub Dub
Every Bonus On Offer On Rick and Morty

No Guaranteed Method

There is no method to how you approach slots, and no guaranteed way to win. Sure, just a few moments ago we advised lowering stakes for a high volatility game. This is to protect your balance when there is an extremely high risk involved. Away from that, there isn't much we can do to to guarantee a cash out or a profitable session. Players can walk away from their session in profit both from winning big on a high volatility slot, or from winning often on a lower volatility slot. Play whatever slots you get the most enjoyment from – we all would like to win, but more than that we all should be getting enjoyment and entertainment out of our gambling experience. Don't allow what you think you should play to overtake what brings you enjoyment. The house always wins in the end, we might as well have fun trying to get the edge in the middle.

When the fun stops, stop. Visit BeGambleAware.org for more info.

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